Having an extra space in your home makes a big difference in how your home looks. Whether you have a mansion, occupying a flat or renting an office space, any storage solutions that you can find is a great help in making your room feel cleaner and calmer.

Organising your things can be pretty challenging. It will take time and a little effort to turn cluttered areas into useful storage spaces. Check this list as we tackle some easy and fun ideas on how you can maximise your storage space.

Maximise entryway zone

No matter how tight your entryway is, it can still be organised. You can create a useful entryway by having hooks for your coats and trays to drop your keys and easily pick them up when leaving.

Install small cubes

Stack up small wood cubes as your bedside table to take advantage of the space. It has no doors so you don’t need to gobble up a space for opening and closing. It’s great for stashing up your essentials such as skin care and books so you can easily grab them before you sleep.

Take advantage of doors

There is a variety of vertical slim wire baskets available at your local stores. You can hang them at the back of a door to store things in a better view. You can use them in your bedroom and even in your kitchen to maximise cabinet spaces.

Combine cabinet types

Every door and cabinet has a different purpose to stash up different types and size of items. It is helpful in areas that have tight spaces such as bathrooms. Since not all storage works the same, you can mix up cabinet styles to provide more storage space

Do not ignore potential storage

Sure there are lots of empty spaces under your bed, table and chairs which you can make good use of. When it comes to small-space storage, these spaces are great to store extra things in your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Good news is, you don’t need to throw away your bed and buy one that has drawers in it. You can actually build them yourself with easy-to-use DIY devices.

Opt for open storage

Opt for floating shelves that are narrow and short and install them in extra areas to maximise your wall storage. Since it has no doors, you can easily find and pick things. Additionally, open shelving is helpful in making your home look airy and big. You can use glass jars to store items neatly.

Choose double-purpose furniture

Modern interior designers choose double-purpose pieces to maximise storage space, especially in small and tight areas. Furniture like bookshelves that you can also use as a work desk to maximise its purpose.

Make use of staircases

Experts are now more into making efficient storage space than just making your home look pretty. Most modern houses have bookshelves, closet or even a common restroom under the stairs. On the other hand, many old homes have enclosed staircases so they cannot make use of the space. Good news is, it can often be opened to create a useful storage such as pantry or closet for things that you don’t use on a regular basis like holiday decorations.

Rent a storage space

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to fit all our stuff in our home, it just wouldn’t. The great news is, you can now rent a self-storage space for all the belongings you don’t know where to store.

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