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5 Storage hacks your home needs now

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Organising clutter at home can seem like a mammoth task. It’s easy to chuck things into a wardrobe or cupboard when you’re looking to clean up, but what do you do when you start to run out of space?
If you’re looking to find some storage solutions that not only look great, but will keep your home organised and uncluttered, here are 5 simple hacks to get you started.
1.     Maximise dead space in the bedroom
Finding the right amount of storage space in the bedroom can be one of the hardest things to do, especially as room sizes seem to be getting smaller in newly built properties. Rather than cluttering your space with unnecessary furniture, make the most of space that is already there.
Under-bed storage is your first port of call, and a collection of storage boxes in multiple sizes is perfect for storing clothes, shoes, accessories, and even extra bed sheets if you’re really lacking cupboard space. By keeping your belongings tucked away under the bed, your room can be kept neat and uncluttered, whilst also having everything right at your feet.
2.     De-clutter your kitchen cupboards 
Keeping kitchen cupboards tidy will not only maximise the space you have available, but will make cooking more enjoyable as you have easy access to your cookware.
Fixing a sturdy magazine file on the inside of the door provides a handy storage spot for things like kitchen foil and cling film, without taking up valuable shelving and drawer space.
By sticking clothes hooks on to the inside of cupboard doors, you could also hang some larger cooking utensils or pan lids. Screwing heavy duty hooks in to the roof of your cupboards provides a useful place to hang mugs and teacups, or even pots and pans.
3.     Office organisation at its best
Wall space is your greatest tool here, so consider experimenting with shelving for added storage. Perimeter shelving close to the ceiling looks great and can keep your lesser used items out of the way. Box shelves are another unique solution, providing multiple levels for storage and offering a great place to securely store books. Or, if you’d rather something simple, stick to some well fitted floating shelves.
When it comes to your workspace, only keep the essentials in view. Drawer organisers will keep all your stationary perfectly in place. Fixing a magazine file to the wall will also keep your paperwork neat, ordered, and out of the way.
4.     Baskets, baskets, baskets
Baskets are possibly the most underrated storage solution available, metal, wooden, or plastic. By fixing them to the side of a bathroom cabinet, or chest of drawers, you can have easy access to hair dryers, straighteners, or any other electricals.
 They can also be perfect for organising make-up, skin care, or hair care products, and can be quickly hidden at a moment’s notice. Attaching one or two to the wall provides a great alternative for book and magazine storage.
However you choose to use them, baskets are an incredibly versatile storage option, and can minimise the look of clutter in an instant.
5.     Customise some cardboard boxes
Perfect for clothing, shoes, accessories, and even managing important paperwork, the humble cardboard box has long been one of the best storage solutions that you could bring in to your home.
They aren’t always the most attractive and design centred option, but this is easy to fix. Painting and papering these boxes with customised designs, and labels, creates a practical and attractive storage solution that will look great on display, or in your wardrobe and storage cupboard.
These home storage hacks provide a great solution to declutter, but when you’re looking for a little more help, Kent Space Self Storage, Ashford, is a leading provider of self-storage solutions across Kent. Visit our website today for further information of the services we offer.
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