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Self-storage during your home improvement

Self Storage Ashford

Making improvements to your home can be a stressful process, especially as there are numerous factors to take in to consideration to ensure that the project you’re undertaking is completed on time, and on budget. But do you really want to spend this already stressful time worrying about any furniture or valuable items that could be lost, or damaged in the process?

There are multiple reasons why you may need the services of a self-storage facility, but during the disruption of home improvement projects, they offer an excellent solution to the management and organisation of your larger furniture and valuables. You may have concerns about the possibility of storing your items in a facility away from your home, but these services actually offer a great deal of security, flexibility and overall protection.

Everything kept in one place

Home improvement plans may require you to completely empty your home. Instead of keeping your furniture and valuables stored in multiple places, such as garages, or even at the homes of friends or family members, with a self-storage facility everything can be kept together. You will also be provided with access to your items at any time via a key, or security combination, provided by the storage facility.

Protect against dust, dirt, and damage

Storing your items in a garage could lead to significant damage depending on its weather-proofing, whilst leaving them in the construction zone could cause a build-up of dust and dirt. Using a self-storage facility will not only prevent any damage that could be caused by alternative options, but will also ensure that all your furniture and valuables are not obstructing any work taking place.

Storage facilities will also often take additional precautions in protecting your items, such as regulating the temperature of their warehouses to prevent any problems that could be caused by moisture.


A key concern when taking your items out of your home is whether-or-not they will be safe and secure. Storage facilities actually offer a great deal of security for your stored items, providing peace of mind that your valuables and furniture will be safe.

With a legitimate storage facility, CCTV will operate on a 24-hour basis, and there will always be a member of staff on-site to keep a watchful eye. Whilst the facility will give access to other current and potential clients, access to your individual storage unit is granted to you, and you alone.

Flexibility for all requirements

Self-storage facilities offer excellent flexibility in terms of how long you require them, ultimately dependent on how long your project is planned to take. If the improvements are delayed, for whatever reason, you may also be able to extend your agreed contract.

You can also choose from a wide-range of storage options dependent on your requirements. Smaller storage facilities can be perfect for document storage, and the storage of a small number of boxes containing valuables. Larger storage units, on the other hand, are perfect for larger furniture pieces. It may even be suitable to choose more than one storage unit, which can all be discussed and arranged before your home project begins.

Freedom to focus on your project

With all these factors taken care of, you are able to devote your full attention to the project at hand. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or hiring staff to complete the work for you, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your items are suitably stored and safe.

If you’re considering hiring a storage space during a home improvement project, Kent Space offers a wide range of storage solutions to support your business or home storage needs. No matter the requirement, we can help with any storage necessities around the Ashford and Chatham areas, so contact our team today for more information.

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