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Moving in together? What could possibly go wrong!

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Space, the final frontier. When you are moving in together that’s certainly true. No matter how much you love each other, being under the same roof full time will be a big adjustment. And you will have far less room to manoeuvre.

In one survey by UGallery, 83% of women admitted that moving in together had proved really tough. However, a lot of the disagreements in the early days could be solved by giving yourself enough room.

How can self-storage in Kent keep you happy and argument-free? Read on.

What goes where?

It all seemed a great idea when you had your stuff spread across your own separate flats or houses. After all, you were spending more time together than apart. Why on earth pay two lots of rent or two mortgages!

But when the removal van turns up at the chosen joint location, a new problem becomes quickly apparent.

What on earth are you going to do with all that “stuff”? And if you squeeze everything into the spare room or every corner of the accommodation, where are you going to storm to when you need space to cool down?

First, there are the turf wars. Whose furniture is going to take the prime position and whose gets put in the shadows or sold off?

It’s not always a quick and easy decision. Negations may be intense. It may take time, some experimentation and some heated discussions to agree to a permanent plan of where everything will fit. So how can you relieve some pressure to re-arrange and test furniture while you decide what just has to go?

Self-storage space can be a godsend. Easy to access, dry, clean and safe, the furniture currently out of favour can go out of the way temporarily.

Combining different preferences

Let’s be honest here: when you first move in together, it’s not just about cramming two sets of belongings into limited space. It’s all a matter of taste.

That full-sized cardboard cut-out of a Star Wars Stormtrooper was great in the bachelor pad, but your new partner is less than gracious about it. Or maybe those boxes of clothes for every season (and for every dress size you ever were or hope to be) are unwelcome by your partner.

Self-storage to the rescue once again. You don’t have to wave goodbye to the items that caused debate. You can just put them aside for now.

Time – and space – for proper planning

Some things you may be ready to part with – not least as you could well have two of everything. Two sets of pans are no problem if you have abundant cupboards, but if not, they could be on their way to a car boot sale. Likewise, with large furniture items – you won’t be needing two sofas.

It’s great to box up the duplicates and put them into a storage unit. You can then sort through them after the honeymoon period and decide what to get rid of, and how. (Or you may want to hang on to it all as insurance in case you find yourself single again.)

For details of self-storage in Kent – to keep joint living harmonious – contact us today.

And if you are too busy getting settled together to consider a self-storage unit, give us a shout as we have other storage services available. We know a thing or two about partnerships, which is why we say our space is your space.

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