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Why self-storage is ideal for storing your antique gun collection

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If you’re a keen antique gun collector living in the south east of England and your pieces have outgrown your home storage space, it’s important to find somewhere that is suitable to keep your collection of firearms.

Here’s why a small self-storage unit in Kent could be the answer to your problem.

Security and safety

Perhaps the most important aspect of gun storage is that your firearms are kept somewhere secure. Self-storage units are fully lockable and the building in which they are housed is supervised 24/7. There are also CCTV cameras everywhere, so there’s no chance of someone breaking into your unit and stealing your weapons.

If you have kids, keeping your gun collection at home is perhaps not the best idea. In addition, keeping a large collection of valuable antique firearms in your home could leave you and your family open to attack by thieves.

Environmental factors

In order to keep your guns in good condition, it’s important that the environment in which they are kept is suitable.

A big problem for guns is humidity. Damp or humid conditions will cause the metal parts of the weapons to corrode and affects metal bullet casings similarly. If the casings become warped or if the dimensions are altered, loading and accuracy of firing could be affected.

A self-storage unit is sealed and guaranteed to be dry inside so you won’t have to worry about damp affecting your collection.

Looking after your investment

Storing your antique gun collection correctly can mean that your investment should stay in perfect condition for many years without any problems. The temperature-controlled, dry environment provided by a self-storage unit is perfect for storing guns and ammunition. You will also have no worries about the security and safety of your gear and you can access it at any time you want.

For more information about hiring a secure self-storage unit, contact the helpful team at Kent Storage.

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