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New business start up help from self-storage

Self Storage Ashford

If you’re starting up a new business venture in Kent, then one of the best ways to minimise your risk is to take a look at self-storage. Here are just a few reasons why it makes good business sense if you are a new entrepreneur in Kent.

No long-term commitment

One of the biggest headaches for new business start-ups is knowing whether to lease offices and warehouse space – and if so, what size. It’s a big commitment of cash and often involves being tied into relatively long-term contracts.

With the best preparation in the world, new commercial ventures find it hard to predict just how quickly their business will grow, so getting too big space means a really worrying drain on cash flow. On the other hand, if you quickly run out of space, it can really hamper the success of your new business in Kent.

The good news is that this dilemma and a long-term financial commitment may well be unnecessary. You can start your new business off benefiting from the flexible terms offered by business storage or self-storage in Kent. There are also fully serviced offices available that won’t weigh you down in those crucial first months.

Flexible choices

Apart from the fact you can up-size and downgrade the space you rent for these state-of-the-art units in a matter of days, you can also exit them without having to give substantial notice. Another big advantage of storage in Kent for new businesses is that you have 24-hour security for no extra cost and 24-hour access to your unit.

Many long-term leases come with hidden service charges and other extras and they make it hard for you to work those long hours it takes to get a new business off the ground. Support for new business start-ups in Kent includes simple document storage facilities too, keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

For your new business in Kent, utilising low-risk, cost-efficient storage or work space is going to give you a solid start. Contact Kent Space today to find out more.

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