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Busting self-storage myths

Self Storage Ashford

There’s a myth that self-storage is rows of concrete blocks with metal doors, weeds growing through the tarmac and restrictive “visiting hours”.

Do you recall the episode of UK comedy classic “Only Fools and Horses” when Del Boy and Rodders find a valuable timepiece in a dusty garage? Well, for some people in Kent, self-storage is misconceived as being not too far removed from the clutter and chaos of that scene.

State-of-the-art self-storage

The truth is that modern self-storage involves well-designed and laid out buildings as well as state-of-the-art processes and systems. It is not a place dedicated to locking things away to gather cobwebs, but a dynamic and flexible service offering interactive and daily usage.

If you are running a small business or conducting a hobby that needs more space, you can overflow into the facilities provided by self-storage Kent without worrying about restricting your access to your belongings.

The location is appealing, the climate is controlled, and the access is easy.

The same attention to detail that goes into our fully serviced offices in Ashford, is applied to the storage facilities, to ensure they are functional but appealing.

Assistance on hand

To kill another myth – you are not alone when you use our Kent self-storage. There are staffs available to help, and Kent Space can provide friendly collection and delivery personnel to further support your storage needs.

Every advantage that modern technology provides is incorporated, including effective and intuitive security systems such as keypad entry and camera surveillance.

So, if you’ve previously put off storing your belongings, furniture or professional equipment in self-storage for any of these reasons, it could be the time that you think again. However, we should offer a word of warning: though our units are attractive and flexible, don’t be tempted to move in as overnight stays are not allowed!

Call us at Kent Space today and we would be proud to show you around our facilities.

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