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Enjoy a home office for each season with Kent storage

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More and more people are joining the gig economy and finding work online. In the UK alone, the number of people working from home has increased by 20% over the last ten years. When your home space is also your office space, it is doubly important to make sure that your physical environment is both comfortable and attractive because the good mood is a contributory factor to high productivity.

Adapt your surroundings to your needs

In the home office, slight adjustments to your environment can make great improvements to morale and work rate. These are particularly effective if you make changes to suit the changing seasons and climate.

Although office space in the home can be limited, it is easy to make suitable modifications when you have access to business storage services, simply switching up your office furnishings every few months by taking advantage of secure storage solutions.

Home office furnishings for all seasons

In the winter, adopt the Danish hygge philosophy for your office with more comfortable easy chairs, warm blankets, cushions and additional mood lightings, such as lamps and fairy lights, to create a soft focus and warmth against the short days.

In spring, it’s easy to introduce some colour and vibrancy into the home office by adding replica plants, bunting, prints of spring scenes and switching dark-toned furnishings for yellows and pastels.

When the temperatures start to rise in summer, you can stow your blankets and cushions away in storage and invest in an outdoor table or desk to make the most of your garden at this time.

And in the autumn, pack that outdoor furniture away and celebrate retreating back indoors during this vibrant season with candles, richly coloured leaf garlands and warm colours on everything from your desk accessories to autumnal wall prints.

A simple solution

The disruption of this type of home office reorganisation is minimal compared to the increased productivity and stimulus you’ll feel when your environment stays fresh and keeps pace with your needs.

If you are looking for self-storage in Kent, take advantage of the friendly customer services offered by Kent Storage. We offer free collection and 24/7 delivery every time you feel like adjusting your home working environment, so it really couldn’t be easier to make those simple changes to your interiors. Kent Space can also provide advice and materials for packing as well as like-for-like quotes.

It is easier than you think to ring in the seasonal changes in your home office.

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